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Current Campaigns

Semilong Flytippers 7th February 2009


video of flytippers 7th February 2009 image of flytippers 7th February 2009 Officers from Northampton Borough Council wish to speak with these two individuals who were seen dumping rubbish into our Semilong Northampton community.

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If you know who they are, please contact SEMILONG.ORG.

Please remember, flytipping is a criminal offence with a maximum penalty of 5 years in prison or an unlimited fine !! show flytippers for the world to see

Semilong .org hunt for flytippers in Semilong Northampton When seen we will publish photographs and videos of flytippers disposing of their rubbish on the streets of our community.

Our aim is to stop our Semilong Northampton neighbourhood looking like a rubbish tip.

[read about our campaign here]

Semilong Northampton Litter Lout 1

video of Litter Lout 1 image of litter lout 1 This LITTER LOUT casually threw his litter on the ground with no regard to the people who live, work or pass through Semilong Northampton.

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Litter is a permanent problem in our neighbourhood and despite it costing thousands to clear up, some people think it is still alright to throw there litter on the ground.

Our aim is to make these litter louts think twice about using Semilong Northampton streets as a litter bin and to reduce the amount of litter that our residents have to put up with.

[read about our campaign here]

Map of reported crime in Semilong Northampton
Photo of reported crime in Semilong Northampton As this map of reported crime shows, our Semilong Northampton neighbourhood is a crime hotspot, with the crime rate figures never falling below the HIGH mark.

Our aim is to help to reduce that figure by highlighting the publiscised crime in our neighbourhood. We will also support the Semilong Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. For crime prevention advice and tips please see the Neighbourhood Watch site.


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"The Semilong Northampton Neighbourhood Website"

Semilong is a great place to live or work. Its location places it at the heart of Northampton, England. Close to the bus station, a main line train station, to leisure facilities and to town centre shopping and yet within easy travelling distances to most other towns and cities..

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The Future Of The Royal Mail Barrack Road Sorting Office

With Royal Mail's Consultation Events over, SEMILONG.ORG show you the plans for the old Semilong Northampton Sorting Office site.

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Trilogy Gym Special Offer

For those residents in Semilong Northampton wishing to get fitter, here is a new scheme called ' Fit For A Fiver '

This new and as yet unpubliscised initiative, enables those residents who live and have home addresses in the Castle Ward, Thorplands or Lumbertubs areas of Northampton, to freely use the facilities of the swimming pools, the health suites and the gyms (including free use of all the various keep fit classes) all for £5 for three months.

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Focus On Initiative & Talent

SEMILONG.ORG are proud to highlight the talent of local people and through our strong and ever increasing web presence to bring them a wider audience.

SEMILONG.ORG are, therefore, pleased to highlight the talent of a local landscape photographer, who has also set up his own internet website to showcase and sell his work at JANMANPRINTS.COM.

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Semilong Neighbourhood Watch

This is a group of residents looking out for each other, taking onboard crime prevention advice to look after each other and each other's property. It also provides the framework for the police and residents to share information with each other to help prevent and detect crime and criminals.

Neighbourhood Watch is a proven method of bringing down crime, which perhaps is why many insurance companies give discounts to those in an active neighbourhood watch scheme area.

[Read the article here]

You can also visit the Semilong Northampton Neighbourhood Watch web site here

We, as a community together, can make a difference.