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Current Campaigns

Semilong Flytippers 7th February 2009


video of flytippers 7th February 2009 image of flytippers 7th February 2009 Officers from Northampton Borough Council wish to speak with these two individuals who were seen dumping rubbish into our Semilong Northampton community.

[read the article here]

If you know who they are, please contact SEMILONG.ORG.

Please remember, flytipping is a criminal offence with a maximum penalty of 5 years in prison or an unlimited fine !! show flytippers for the world to see

Semilong .org hunt for flytippers in Semilong Northampton When seen we will publish photographs and videos of flytippers disposing of their rubbish on the streets of our community.

Our aim is to stop our Semilong Northampton neighbourhood looking like a rubbish tip.

[read about our campaign here]

Semilong Northampton Litter Lout 1

video of Litter Lout 1 image of litter lout 1 LITTER LOUT casually threw his litter on the ground with no regard to the people who live, work or pass through Semilong Northampton.

[read the article here]

Litter is a permanent problem in our neighbourhood and despite it costing thousands to clear up, some people think it is still alright to throw there litter on the ground.

Our aim is to make these litter louts think twice about using Semilong Northampton streets as a litter bin and to reduce the amount of litter that our residents have to put up with.

[read about our campaign here]

Map of reported crime in Semilong Northampton


Map of reported crime in Semilong Northampton As this map of reported crime shows, our Semilong Northampton neighbourhood is a crime hotspot, with the crime rate figures never falling below the HIGH mark.

Our aim is to help to reduce that figure by highlighting the publiscised crime in our neighbourhood.

We also support the Semilong Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.

For crime prevention advice and tips please see the Neighbourhood Watch site.


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Royal Mail Sorting Office Plans

Royal Mail Sorting Office Barrack Road Semilong Northampton

Almost a decade ago, the Royal Mail Sorting Office on the Barrack Road in Semilong Northampton was a thriving hub of people. It was a place and base of work for over 800 people and an asset to our community. The ability to collect parcels or deliver letters there was a real bonus for our Semilong Northampton residents.

Then in 2003 came a devastating arsonist induced fire. Royal Mail took the decision rather than spend money to repair the building, to close the Sorting Office and move operations including all the machinery to Crow Lane at the edge of Northampton. In one fail swoop, the great asset our Semilong Northampton community had, was gone.

Intervening Years

The years have not been kind to this building nor to Royal Mail's reputation for abandoning it in that condition. The litter frequently amassing at the front has been a sore point for many residents, as has the constant sight of drunks, low lives and ne'er do wells who congregated outside it. The latter was solved not by the gallant efforts of the repeatedly called Northants Police (being on private property there was little they could do), but by Royal Mail in 2009 attempting to salvage their beleaguered reputation by erecting a 10 foot (estimated) steel perimeter fence. However, previous vandalism had taken it's toll and then in April 2010 came the thieves in the night to finish the job. In attempting to steal the valuable copper wiring from inside the building, the thieves rendered the building "structurally unsafe".

Royal Mail had previously put the building up for sale. How eager were Royal Mail to sell the abandoned building? Seven years answers that. Nevertheless, the Sorting Office building did not sell.

Present Day

So here we are in 2010 with the Royal Mail Sorting Office declared structurally unsafe whilst the owners half heartedly attempting to seek buyers for it. All the while a derelict building on a valuable and prominent 3.71 acres (1.5hectares) site in our Semilong Northampton neighbourhood, so close to the Northampton Town Centre. This really is an awful state of affairs to be in. It does not do the appearance of our Semilong Northampton neighbourhood nor the reputation of Royal Mail any good whatsoever.

The Future Of The Royal Mail Sorting Office

Royal Mail, having sat on the building for seven years, watching it attract litter and degenerates to the consternation of residents, have now declared that the building is "structurally sound" (in contradiction of their press releases and signs outside it which declare the building "structurally unsafe)

Royal Mail are therefore now inviting residents to consultation events with a view to turning the building into a food store. There are rumours afoot that even Tesco are interested.

The shameful behaviour of Royal Mail aside, to have a food store on the Barrack Road Sorting Office site would actually be advantageous not only to our Semilong Northampton community but also to the residents of Spring Boroughs, The Mounts, even Kingsthorpe. Benefits could include..

  • More choice as customers
  • Possible cheaper prices than elsewhere locally
  • More employment opportunities for local residents
  • Investment in the Semilong Northampton neighbourhood
  • A derelict building back into use
  • Cleaner Semilong Northampton environment as stores generally look after their sites
  • Investment like this in the neighbourhood could help local property prices
  • Fewer vehicles driving to 'out of town' shopping centres.

All in all, a substantial food store on the Sorting Office site could be a very good thing indeed for our Semilong Northampton community.

Consultation Events

Castle Primary School, St. George's Street in Semilong Northampton

  1. Thursday 10th June 2010 6pm-8pm
  2. Saturday 12th June 2010 2pm-5pm

Or by email to:


If you wish to comment on this article or to Royal Mail's plans for the Sorting Office site, please contact us.

Media Reports

Royal Mail Invitation to Consultation Events

Article Date: 7th June 2010




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